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precast reinforced cement cast rectangular concrete

Pre-Cast Concrete

Precast is designed following the International Building Code, which has provisions based on ACI 318, the Building Code Requirements for Reinforced Concrete. Comparative Cost Precast is a premium construction method that offers many performance benefits.

Pre-Cast Concrete Stair Treads – Camp Logan Cement Works ...

Camp Logan Cement Works, Inc. Advantages 5000 PSI Concrete @ 28 Day Tested weekly to ensure Quality and Saftey Our Precast Treads a.... Learn more at Sweets today.

Precast concrete beam

A total precast concrete structure starts with Columns and Beams, alfanar Precast uses innovative techniques to guarantee the quality finished product, each products ... More information reinforced concrete beam / precast concrete / rectangular

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Precast concrete

Precast is used within exterior and interior walls. By producing precast concrete in a controlled environment (typically referred to as a precast plant), the precast concrete is afforded the opportunity to properly cure and be closely monitored by plant employees. Using a precast concrete system offers many potential advantages over onsite casting.

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Drainage Structures

Drainage Structures. Square and rectangular drainage structures can be manufactured to almost any dimensions. Many sizes can be supplied with integrally cast bases. All drainage structures are built per ASTM C478, which is the standard spec for precast reinforced concrete sanitary manhole sections.

Precast concrete

Precast concrete is a construction product produced by casting concrete in a reusable mold or "form" which is then cured in a controlled environment, transported to …

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Precast Concrete Beams Concrete Floor Beams & Spans

Nitterhouse precast concrete beams are custom produced year-round in our centrally located Chambersburg, PA facility. Floor beams are available in rectangular, inverted “T”, and inverted “L” configurations to meet your diverse project requirements.

Rectangular Manholes

In 2002, precast concrete drainage components became one of the first construction ... Heavyweight Champion – the headlines explained. Concrete pipeline systems have been part of the backbone to the UK’s sewerage ... So why wouldn’t all sites be set up for maximum safety?

Architectural Columns Load Bearing ...

Wet-pour precast columns are more suited for structural columns. GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Columns) are lighter weight, easier to install for slightly higher cost. Mesa Precast offers extensive range of size/length options. Flexibility for customers to get the …

Precast Concrete Pipe

Reinforced concrete pipe is available in a huge variety of shapes and size to meet any need. With its long history of unparalleled strength and proven performance, precast concrete is the material of choice.

Modern Precast Concrete Planters

Modern Rectangle Cast Stone Planters. These planters are less expensive than traditional stone planters, can be made with much more detail than precast stone, and are more durable thanks to the incorporated fiberglass strands. Each concrete planter box is handmade and finished.

Reinforced concrete beam / precast concrete / rectangular ...

Find out all of the information about the Olmet product reinforced concrete beam / precast concrete / rectangular GIRDERS. Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to get a quote or to find out a price or your closest point of sale.

Precast Concrete Piles The Construction Civil

Precast Concrete Piles may be defined as a reinforced concrete pile which is moulded in circular, square, rectangular or octagonal form. The precast concrete piles are cast and cured in a casting yard and then transported to the site for driving.

03480 Precast Conc Vaults

For precast concrete base section, the minimum thickness of base slab shall be 6-inch thickness. 4. Precast concrete walls for catch basin shall be 6-inch thickness except at knockouts where the minimum thickness shall be 2 inches.


Steel fibers shall conform to ASTM A 820, “Specification for Steel Fibers for Fiber-Reinforced Concrete.” Data shall be provided to show conclusively that the type, brand, quality and quantity of fibers to be included in the concrete mix are not detrimental to the concrete or to the precast concrete product.

Oldcastle Precast

Click "Add to Cart" to buy Oldcastle Precast 1000200 Underground Box, 28-1/4" x 40-1/2" x 14". Also known as 800246163329, pull box, concrete, concrete box, oldcastle, christy box, OLD1000200, Oldcastle Precast, 1000200, Pull Boxes - Rectangular, Pull Boxes - Concrete, Underground Pull Boxes, Boxes, Enclosures, Christy Concrete, Carson

Los Angeles Cast Stone Premium Cast Stone, Precast & …

Los Angeles Cast Stone is a leading architectural precast, cast stone and Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete supplier in the USA. Our qualified specialists also provide design and installation services for both commercial and residential customers.

Concrete Pipe & Precast

Precast Concrete Products. County Materials offers a range of concrete precast products including Columns and Beams, Manholes, Catch Basins, Box Culverts, Septic Tanks, Temporary Highway Barriers, Specialty Products and Structures, Precast Modular Jail Cells, Top and Base Slabs.

Jensen Precast

Jensen Precast is among the largest independently owned precast concrete companies in the United States. Precast concrete is our only business, and our 50 years of expertise reflects that singular concentration. ... Need help with selecting and sizing the right reinforced concrete pipe for your application? Contact us today. Water Resources.

CONCRETE PIPE – Concrete Industries

Reinforced Concrete Pipe is manufactured in either a round or elliptical shape. In addition, manholes, inlets and outlets are factory-made to fit most any project. Square and Rectangular shaped Precast Concrete Box Sections are also available.

About Precast

About Precast. Precast concrete is reinforced with either conventional reinforcing bars, strands with high-tensile strength, or a combination of both. Prestressing is a method of reinforcement where the steel strands are pretensioned in the form before the concrete is …

7203.21 Precast Reinforced Concrete Structures, …

Precast Reinforced Concrete Structures, General 1. Table of Contents ... “Standard Specification for Portland Cement ... All metal lifting devices cast into the internal or external surfaces of vaults for handling purpose shall be hot-dipped galvanized or made from stainless steel.

Reinforced concrete

A heavy reinforced concrete column, seen before and after the concrete has been cast in place around its rebar cage Reinforced concrete (RC) (also called reinforced cement concrete or RCC) is a composite material in which concrete 's relatively low tensile strength and ductility are counteracted by the inclusion of reinforcement having higher tensile strength or ductility.

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Detail the culvert with cast in place wings. Provide a precast box culvert ... Place multiple lines of a precast reinforced concrete box culvert such that the ... portland cement. 2. Strength – Make sure that all concrete develops a minimum 28-day compressive